Floor leveling - 5 pieces (height 12 cm)

Floor leveling - 5 pieces (height 12 cm)


Simple and 100% functional floor leveling system after folding the rear backrests.

159 € incl. VAT

Warehouse number: niv5t12

Availability: 10-15 business days

Producer: SPACEforDREAMS®

Suitable for example for the Tesla Model S, Model 3 or Mitsubishi Outlander gen. 3. and also for other models that have a step in the trunk or have not a flat area after folding the rear backrests.

This construction includes: 5 pieces of XPS (extruded PP)

This floor leveling system is 12 cm high.

Under the construction remains in the car still luggage space of about 100L available.

With this set, you create a flat surface for installing e.g. SPACEBED® L 200cm mattress.

Design and production: SPACEforDREAMS

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