Individual adjustment for Range Rover

Individual adjustment for Range Rover

leveling the uneven floor surface after folding the backrests

419 € incl. VAT

Warehouse number: nivrr001

Availability: in stock

Producer: SPACEforDREAMS®

Since a straight floor is not readily available in Range Rover. We have developed a simple and 100% functional floor leveling system.

This construction includes: 3 parts of XPS (extruded PP) and 1 piece of wooden board - width 8 mm (the wooden plate dimensions: 160x120 cm - designed and 2x 80cm x120cm - folded)

Under the construction remains in the car still luggage space of about 300L available.

With this set, you create a flat surface for installing SPACEBED® L 200cm mattress.

Design and production: SPACEforDREAMS Czech Republic

Diese Konstruktion beinhaltet: 3 Teile aus XPS (extrudierte PP) und 1 Stk. Holzplatte - Breite 8 mm ( die Holzplatteausmaß: 160x120 cm - ausgelegt und 3x 53cm x120cm - zusammengelegt)

Unter der Konstruktion bleibt im Wagen noch Gepäckraum von ca 300L verfügbar.

For the SPACEBED® L 200cm we recommend to buy the extra parts to cover the whole room.

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