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Forget putting up a tent at night, in the rain, with a headlamp, or about inflating mattresses and uncomfortable sleeping pads; which takes forever. SPACEBED® means you travel with a mobile bedroom in the trunk of your car!
nivLeveling the floor

Our new leveling system is intended to level the floor in cars, which do not have a flat level after folding down the rear backrests or where a step is remained due to the lack of a double floor.


SPACEFIX® is a practical tool for keeping the cargo in your trunk in place. It’s made from quality PUR foam that’s flexible and adjustable. It prevents almost anything from moving around, even during significant acceleration.

Ideal for daily use! Whenever you go grocery shopping, it’s good to protect your rear bumper and your clothes from dirt. SPACECOVER® is a simple and intelligent solution.

NEW PRODUCT! Another indispensable helper in the luggage compartment of your car. The virtually indestructible, super-solid SPACEBOX® folding bag becomes your essential everyday shopping helper.

We designed comfortable cushions which precisely span the breadth of your car to go with your SPACEBED® mattresses.



Our comfortable sleep-in-the-car and easy-to-handle mattress solution has its own development behind it: we thought of it, sketched it out, measured it out, tried out new approaches, selected suitable material, tested it... until the patented, foldaway SPACEBED®, now in its 6th generation, was created. Last, but not least, we pay attention to the aesthetic experience of quality design, which goes hand-in-hand with the quality of materials and the colour.

Spacebed® Color options

Spacebed® Color options


The SPACEBED® mattress is uniquely designed such that it can be used in different models of car (no need to change mattresses when you change cars).

It fits into the back of the vehicle so as to maximise the sleeping area. We thought up the structure of the SPACEBED® mattress so that you feel as comfortable as you do in a bedroom on a comfortable, flat bed... no more tents, sleeping pads, foam or airbeds.
SPACEBED® Light Brown

Composition of SPACEBED®


Since the very outset, we have considered the simplicity of assembling and storing the SPACEBED® mattress so that it can be used again and again without any loss of functionality. Putting it together and taking it apart again goes far quicker than you might imagine. It couldn't be easier! And we guarantee outstanding service! Because our reputation matters to us...

SPACEBED® folded and unfolded



How to choose the right size? How to choose the right size? How to choose the right size?



We’d be glad to advise you!
Haven’t you found your vehicle in our photo gallery? It doesn’t matter, the SPACEBED® mattress is universal and can be used in the majority of passenger vehicles. Don’t hesitate to contact us:info@space4dreams.comNext

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