NEW PRODUCT! Another indispensable helper in the luggage compartment of your car. The virtually indestructible, super-solid SPACEBOX® folding bag becomes your essential everyday shopping helper. Unlike plastic boxes that are easily damaged, the SPACEBOX® bag is made of durable high quality materials, which guarantee a long life-span over several years. You can easily secure your purchase in the trunk of your car and transport home without any accidents! Say goodbye to shopping goods flying all over the place and a cluttered trunk.

29 € incl. VAT

Warehouse number: spbx-0001

Availability: in stock

Producer: SPACEforDREAMS®

SPACEBOX® can also serve as an effective organizer of all necessary your tools and equipment. Whatever you need to be ready at hand at any time while you are travelling by car, can be easily stored in the SPACEBOX® bag.

It has a reinforced bottom and internal dividers, which are well suited to store bottles or other fragile items. Elastic pockets on the inside and outside together with anti-slip rubber segments ensure good stability. SPACEBOX® can be easily attached to the car's luggage compartment with adjustable hook straps. There is a safety reflective strap on both sides of the bag.

You can spread the SPACEBOX® into two sizes (width 30 or 60), which makes it fit into every car. When fully folded the bag takes nearly no space and you can easily take it along for shopping.

It is made of quality materials that have undergone long-term testing. The easy-to-clean internal surface ensures easy maintenance.

The SPACEBOX® load is up to 15 kilograms!

Available in an attractive reflective greenish-black color.


SPACEBOX® consists of following materials:

- high-quality 100% polyester and PVC
- dimensions of the folded-out bag (two dimensions possible): width 60 / 30 cm, depth 37 cm, height 32 cm
- the dimensions of the folded bag are minimal: width 8 cm, depth 37 cm, height 32 cm

Additional benefits

10 years guarantee on every product!

Registered trademark SPACEBOX®.

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