SPACEBED® Exclusive L 200cm Magic Rose

SPACEBED® Exclusive L 200cm Magic Rose


NEW product for all travelers who require the highest level of comfort!

1079 € incl. VAT

Warehouse number: spb-excl-200-mr-c200

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Producer: SPACEforDREAMS®

A special range of the classical SPACEBED® mattress designed for the most demanding travelers.

We present you the SPACEBED® Exclusive, that ensures you and your spine the highest level of comfort. The reason behind this is mainly the unique layering of materials:

1. hollow fiber fleece padding – grammage up to 200 gr/m2

2. VISCO cold foam – 30 mm

3. polyurethane (PUR) foam (foam rubber) – thickness 54 mm

4. solid plywood made of high-quality birchwood – thickness 6 mm

The mattresses are fitted with luxurious covers:

- upper cover material MARK (Spanish manufacturer) – special microfleece – the finest luxury cover fabric with a special design stitching

- lower cover material RICO (Spanish manufacturer) – special abrasion-resistant material made to withstand everyday straining during folding, unfolding and moving of the SPACEBED® Exclusive inside and outside the car

The SPACEBED® Exclusive also comes with an exclusive bag for transportation and storage: we have created a special bag in a matching design fitted with wood handles.

How to choose the right size? How to choose the right size? How to choose the right size?

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