Leveling system S4D - orange

Leveling system S4D - orange


new, universal, height-adjustable "Leveling system S4D" for floor leveling

199 € incl. VAT

Warehouse number: niv-y-org-120

Availability: in stock

Producer: SPACEforDREAMS®

Our new leveling system is intended to level the floor in cars, which do not have a flat level after folding down the rear backrests or where a step is remained due to the lack of a double floor.

In order to have enough rest and sleep well in the car, a level surface must be created in the interior. Some automakers already deal with this concern when planning their models (e.g. Volvo). When the backrests are folded down in those car models, a flat surface is achieved on which the mattress can be spread out without any problems. However, this is not always the case and with a large number of car models and older vehicles, one does not reach flat surfaces immediately, so it is necessary to find a solution for this problem.

Based on our long-term testing, we developed a universal product of high variability and flexibility, which can be used in all vehicles and enables to compensate height differences between 60 to 180 mm.

The most modern top material is used for our Leveling system S4D, which convinced us as the best choice due to its awesome flexibility and good strength, lower weight, great design and long durability. Production takes place on the most modern CNC machines, which can use cutting-edge technologies such as water jet cutting or laser engraving.

As with all of our other products, high-quality bag is provided together with our Leveling system S4D so that the Leveling system S4D can be easily transported and stored properly.

Since we bring products of the highest quality onto the market and our goal is always the long-term satisfaction of our customers, we also offer the excellent 10-year guarantee for the Leveling system S4D!

Main advantages:

  • adjustable in height
  • variable
  • can be used in any car
  • easy to install
  • minimal weight
  • high strength and stability
  • can also be used as a trunk organizer
  • 10 year guarantee!

Leveling system S4D - the basic version consists of the following 6 components:

1x middle part (920x100x120mm) - has three layers in the basic version:

  • 1st layer 60 mm
  • 2nd layer 30 mm
  • 3rd layer 30 mm

2x intermediate part (920x60x120mm) - has three layers in the basic version:

  • 1st layer 60 mm
  • 2nd layer 30 mm
  • 3rd layer 30 mm

2x wedge part (460x300x60-20mm) - consists of three parts:

  • is used to support the back, is used under the upper part of the SPACEBED® mattress on the folded backrest, where an inclined plane has to be leveled
  • based on the puzzle system, wedge parts can be easily combined to find the right angle to be leveled

1x bag

  • for easy carrying and storage
  • made of waterproof material

Note: the middle part and the intermediate part can be extended (increased) with further additional layers. These additional layers can be ordered on request + for a fee.

Note: Our levelling systems are only compatible with our SPACEBED® mattresses!

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